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Are you down a Pinterest rabbit hole, swamped with ideas and rapidly losing sight of where you're going? Struggling to make a decision and in need a reality check? 

We can help!

It's easy to get confused by what we "could" have over what we "should" have and get rapidly overwhelmed.

Re-imagining your space requires discipline, experience and vision.  We offer a holistic approach that carefully considers your family, your lifestyle and, of course, your budget.   

We will help you re-think your home and deliver a plan that is both beautiful and practical.  

In this personal one-on-one workshop we get you back to basics, peel back your intentions and work with you to ensure you get the most out of your architect, builder and your finished home.  


1. You complete a questionnaire about yourself, your home and share with us any ideas you already have, including your Pinterset/Instagram boards, magazine cuttings, etc. 

2.  We evaluate the current house plan and any suggestive plans you may have from an architect, or sketches you have created yourself, and assess the potential and the problems.

3.  We meet at your home for a walkthrough of the space, evaluating it's faults and successes and discussing your needs so we develop a personal feel for your space and it's potential.

4.  We measure up and get to work, creating sketches and ideas that you can then discuss with your or architect.

(note: these will be sketches and ideas, they are not for planning or construction purposes). 


FROM $1700


Existing Space Assessment, Questionnaire Analysis, Client Idea Review, Home Visit (approx 1.5 hours) plus Measure Up.  Followed by Sketch Idea Plans (PDF) and follow up explanatory consultation online.  

Further revision sketches/alterations priced at an hourly rate of $90 +GST


FROM $2100


Everything you get in a Basic Plan with the addition of a Mood Board and ideas for Materials/Furniture.

Detail for one room included, further rooms created at an hourly rate of $90 +GST


FROM $2500


Everything you get in a Detailed Plan with the addition of meeting and briefing your Builder, Engineer or Architect, on site. 

One site-visit included, further meetings charged at an hourly rate of $90 +GST

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